Experiencing The Father Wound As An Adult

  • You may be controlling, oppressive, subjugating, and aggressive
  • Are hyper-competitive
  • Have no healthy male friendships and bonds
  • No mastery of your sexuality
  • Excessively seek validation through accomplishments and status
  • You consistently feel lost within
  • Lack of drive, inspiration, vision, and purpose
  • Purely driven by goals and a “win at all costs” attitude
  • Unconsciously seeking your father’s approval and acceptance
  • Self-loathing, self-hate, and self-destructive behaviours
  • “Enough is never enough” attitude



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Stefanos Sifandos

🧠+💚Coach 📖Student Of The Gita ♾Obsessed With Sacred Union ✊🏽Teacher Of Healthy Masculinity 🔥Bridge Between The Known & Unknown